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Guest blogger at Geoschools


We were recently invited to write a guest article for Geoschools.

The article discussed which exams students can choose from in Hong Kong:

So Many Exams to Choose From

Geoschools did a great work in editing and adding spice to the article :). Also, Geoschools is a great information source for parents and students who want to learn more about education in Hong Kong, so I would suggest interested parties to check out their site.


How to write better essays?

Just as we promised, this blog entry will be on essay-writing. For those of you who consider yourselves good writers, treat this as a review. As for those who always wonder what constitutes a good essay, this will help a lot!

First off, grammar is very important but it has to be learned and improved gradually. Instead, what would provide an instant boost to your writing ability is essay structure. With a solid structure, even if you make grammatical mistakes from time to time, readers will still be able to understand your reasoning and the logical flow of your essay. The points below will demonstrate an ideal essay structure using the example ‘Lakers are the best team in the NBA’.


A paragraph that consists of a few sentences that introduce readers to the essay topic. You can also talk about why you chose the topic or provide some background information regarding the topic. Most importantly, in an introduction paragraph, you have to briefly mention the main points you will bring up in upcoming paragraphs. One mistake students often make is they start writing an essay with no planning. This results in scribbling down whatever comes to mind, leading to an excessively long first paragraph in what will be a very disorganized essay. Remember, an intro has to be clear and concise.


There is an ongoing debate about which team in the NBA is the best. With the revival of franchises like the Celtics, Bulls and Heat, the league is definitely getting increasingly competitive. But because of its players, fans and championships, the Lakers will be on top for quite a while.

Body paragraphs

After mentioning the main points in the intro paragraph, you will talk about these main points one by one in greater detail, preferably in the format of one main point per paragraph. One thing you should have for each of these paragraphs is a sentence (or two) at the start that sums up everything you will mention in the rest of the paragraph. That way readers will be able to get the gist of the paragraph without going through every single word or sentence. Besides, backing up your main points with examples undoubtedly makes your essay more convincing.


The Lakers are the best team because they always have the best players. (This sentence summarizes the main point of the paragraph.) Season after season, numerous players putting on a Laker jersey have been all-time greats. For example, Kobe Bryant is one of the best players to ever play the game. (As mentioned above, use examples to back up what you say.)

Once you are done with the 1st point (the players), you should start a new paragraph to discuss the 2nd point (the fans) which is followed by yet another paragraph (the championships) in a similar format.


After going over your main points, you need a conclusion to end your essay on a high note. In a conclusion, you should emphasize the key points or arguments you made in your essay and link them back to your essay topic. Never introduce new points that you have not mentioned before in previous paragraphs because it will destroy your essay structure.


With great players like Kobe Bryant, the Lakers have won multiple NBA championships. This, combined with its awesome fans like Jack Nicholson, makes the Lakers the best team in the league.

Additional points

To further improve your essay, use more transition words like ‘meanwhile’, ‘on the other hand’, ‘in other words’ so that you can deliver your arguments in an even clearer manner. And as mentioned at the start, grammar is crucial so is vocabulary. If you want to know more, this article would help: https://hkedu.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/how-can-local-school-students-excel-in-english/. Last but not least, the Lakers example above is only used to show what good essay structure is. We are by no means attempting to promote the greatness of any professional sports teams through our blog entries.

Practice makes perfect, have fun with writing!


香港國際學校提供優質教育,但其學費總使家長們頭痛 – 事實上,香港國際學校收取的學費的確挺昂貴的!我們在香港向國際學校的官方網站上獲得其收費資料,讓各位在此一覽:



Yew Chung – 耀中國際學校
GSIS – 德瑞國際學校
HKIS – 美國國際學校
ESF – 英基學校協會
CIS – 漢基國際學校
CDNIS – 香港加拿大國際學校


School Fee (HKD per annual)
HKIS $180000
CIS $170000
Yew Chung $150000
GSIS $150000
CDNIS $140000
ESF $100000

其他資料 :

A great and comprehensive data guide on International schools by South China Morning Post
WSJ’s guide to Hong Kong International Schools



Yew Chung (耀中國際學校)

GSIS – German Swiss International School (德瑞國際學校)

HKIS – Hong Kong International School (美國國際學校)

ESF – English Schools Foundation (英基學校協會)

CIS – Chinese International School (漢基國際學校)

CDNIS – Canadian International School of Hong Kong (香港加拿大國際學校)