Pointers on admission interviews for Hong Kong Universities (Part 3)

Here comes the last part of our interview series. We are going to offer you some final reminders of how to best present yourself in the interview.

#1 Asking questions

Usually admission interviews end with the interviewer asking you if you have any questions for them. This is a good chance for you to know more about the program, and to show you know their program very well and are very interested in getting in.

  Ask something that you could have and should have known
Don’t make the mistake of asking something obvious. Eg, the structure of the programme, the prospect it offers…these are information that is easily available in admission talks, open days, and school websites.
Ask ‘extension questions’
So you are very interested in this particular university programme and in particular the exchange opportunities it offers, you can ask more as to how it works  (assuming that the information is not available to you after you have tried looking for it)

#2 Preparing a resume/cv

Even if you are asked to send in your portfolio/resume/cv prior to the interview, always prepare two to three more copies and bring them with you. This is because the administrative staff we receive your resume earlier might not have passed it onto the interviewer and he/she may expect you to have one with you.

#3 Be familiar with your resume/cv

Very often, interviewers will ask you questions based on what you have on your resume. For example, if you put that you have done internship at a certain company for one month, be prepared to be asked what you did there and what you learnt out of it.

[For more specific pointers on resume, read: How to write a good resume?]

#4 Be confident and happy

This is not easy but it is really important. If you are one of those who get nervous easily (like me!), try to tell yourself that you are just going in for a friendly chit-chat, nothing more. So keep down, smile and have fun!

#5 Be polite

Having said that, do remember that you are the student and the interviewer is the teacher/professor. So do show your respect and behave appropriately.

#6 Arrival

Be punctual

Always be at least 15 minutes early for an interview. This is because

  • finding the interview room in universities is much more challenging than most of us anticipate
  • arriving early gives you time and calm down, get used to the atmosphere there and make an observation of what’s going on.

It is actually a good idea to check out your interview venue prior to the interview. If you don’t have time, at least check campus maps online to make sure you know where it is.

#7 Attire
Be very careful if your interview invitation specifies what attire you should wear. Is it formal, smart casual, or business casual?

If it does not specify, my advice is, it’s better to turn up in a suit even if all others turn out to be wearing tees and jeans, than to be the only one in jeans in a room of formally dressed people.

With all our pointers passed to you now, good luck and enjoy your coming interviews!


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