Pointers on admission interviews for Hong Kong Universities (Part 1)

When applying for degree programmes offered by universities in Hong Kong under JUPAS, many of them shortlist applicants to attend an interview. If you have any interview invitations, congratulations because it means you are being considered. So, now what?

This post will go over a few things that you may want to keep in mind when preparing for and during your interview.

The Self-introduction Part

Nearly every interview inevitable starts with a self-introduction. If you do well in it, you are half way there, so let’s see how we can have a good start.

#1 Be fully prepared.
Have anything planned out, rehearse what you will talk about, time yourself, practice in front of the mirror…

  be very familiar with your self-introduction
  sound as though you are memorizing and reading from a script during the interview. To avoid that, I find it useful to add pauses between sentences and ideas.

#2 Avoid being generic.

Some of you may want to talk about why you want to study a particular programme as part of your self-introduction. That is totally fine but make sure it is a good reason and not something really obvious.

Eg. if you are applying for law school then you may want to go more in depth than just saying that you want to be a lawyer because you value justice, or else it will sound very hollow.

#3 Make it personal
This DOES NOT mean that you have to say or do something really special that no one else would.

An easy way to make your self-introduction to sound more personal and appealing is to share your experience illustrating your points. Is there any particular events that make you decide you want to study that subject?

#4 Focus on a few points
Think carefully what it is that you really want the interviewers to know about you. To put it more blatantly, what qualities of you will get you into that particular programme. Find it out and focus on it.

go deeper and illustrate your points more fully
quickly cover too many issues with little support.

This brings us to the next tip.

#5 Use examples to support yourself
If you say you are very interested in business, how? What activities have you done that are related to business? Or, is there any particular corporations or recent business news that have caught your attention?

Or, if you say that your hobby is doing community services,
go into one or two particular service you did and what you gained from it
saying “I spend lots of time doing different kinds of community services with different NGOs” (even if it is true)

So, that’s pretty much it. Do read Part 2, which will cover group discussions and some general reminders of how to behave in the interview.

Good luck!


One comment

  1. Wow! It is so helpful!! Thank you!!
    But…Can you give us an example of how to self-introduce? I mean, what I need to tell? It would be really better if you tell us your experience.

    Really Thank you.


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