Other Liberal Studies Independent Enquiry Study tips! (HKDSE Liberal Study IES Guide)

This is Part 5 of the series: HKDSE Liberal Study IES Guide.

Follow the link to read the whole series!

Beyond all the information we gave you in the previous articles, we would like to give you the most important pointers in letting you achieving your best in your Liberal Studies Independent Enquiry Study! Be sure to keep this pointers in mind when you work on your LS IES!

Time management

Do you think it’s a cool and senior-grader thing to pull an all-nighter on a project? Do you feel a sense of solidarity when you see the late-night Facebook statuses from people who are rushing to complete their IES before the deadline next day?

Seriously? How are all-nighters fun when you know you can well meet the deadline without stressing yourself out?

A key component to making your IES easier to manage is to have a clear timetable for yourself. Try draw up a timetable by looking at your events calendar and making plans ahead. Having a timetable is not enough, you have to follow through. Good time management means self-control and being responsible. Don’t procrastinate because you still have time left, or simply because you feel lazy that day. And as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. You’ll have to form a habit of good time management; the first few times may feel strict and limiting, but as you get used to it, you’ll realize the extra time from the deadline not only makes you feel better about the project in general, but is also crucial to its success.

Before you hand in your draft, you can always take the time to revisit your work and make the cool-headed amendments you’ll never get to make if you pull an all-nighter. It’s often those revisions and second or even third visits to your work that makes your IES a fuller and richer piece.


If you think whining about the IES can help you, then you are set on the wrong path. If you will have to do the IES anyway, why not look at it positively and make your life easier? Many students know the IES is important, and that making a mess in it will affect their grades. However, in a spirit of contempt, they rank the IES at a low priority, and don’t devote as much effort as they normally would. You may think you are not among them, but mentality does affect action; reflect on your attitude and see if changing your point of view actually helps make the IES easier. Most often than not, people don’t realize something can be seen in a whole new perspective before they try it out.

Peer support

Sometimes people avoid sharing their papers with peers for fear that they will steal their ideas or whatsoever. But come on, what social study model can you use that is not already on the Internet for your reference? Letting a friend read your paper can be a mutually beneficial thing if both of you read critically and give constructive advice. Not only can a peer raise questions and viewpoints of perspectives you’ve probably never thought of, but he can also give you motivation to be more meticulous in your drafts.

A most helpful question in peer evaluation is: do you understand my paper? Your friend most probably has no prior knowledge to your research topic, so if he can understand your points as well as you do, just any teacher, examiner and laymen can. Always keep in mind that your paper is not a collage of information intended for the experts or yourself, it should systematically arranged so everyone can understand it.

This is Part 5 of the series: HKDSE Liberal Study IES Guide.
Follow the link to read the whole series!

Some parts of the series are still in process, so stay tuned as we finish up these articles that will help you get that 5* in Liberal Studies!



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